Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Lies, damned lies, and In The Market

I flip channels a lot when listening to the radio on my drive home and often come across In The Market With Janet Parshall, since it's played on two stations at the same time. Sometimes it's hard not to stop and listen a bit just out of sheer horror. I'm always frustrated when I hear right wing radio, because it's always full of misleading information, half truths, and out and out lies.

This bit from yesterday's show jumped out at me:

... here's Planned Parenthood marketing themselves as helping women and 'we provide pap smears and breast exams and all those other things' and you and I both know, that's a tiny, tiny percentage of what they do. Their coffers are filled through abortions.

This is flatly untrue. Only 3% of Planned Parenthood services are abortions and less than 15% of revenue comes from abortions.

Janet Parshall is a damned liar.