Sunday, July 18, 2004

I will never understand some people

I was poking around in the web statistics again this afternoon, as I am occasionally wont to do, and notice that'd I had a visitor from Saudi Arabia. My first through was, "Wow, the Internet really is neat." Heck, I've never even been out of the country, and here I am basically talking to someone in the Middle East. My second thought was to see how they got to my site, and I noticed it was via a Google search for "what sodomized means." Hmm. OK. And, yes, my site is currently #10 if you run that Google search. Odd for a gay guy that can't get laid, huh?

So, if I'm ranked #10 for that search, what's #1? Well, it's this little site call, and boy, is it anything but. This wacko has a page for those that don't know what sodomy is. OK, I can understand why someone, especially a non-native-English speaker like our friend here from Saudi Arabia might need a bit of help, and his page does do a pretty good job of defining the term and even giving a bit of background and legal history. But then it gets freaky: (emphasis mine)

The verb "sodomize" means to commit an act of sodomy, and more specifically to turn a man into a homosexual by inserting some objects into his anal passage. The reason that such action can "turn a man (or boy) into a homosexual" is that stroking the internal walls of the anal passage produces in the victim sensations similar to those experienced in the course of normal sexual relations by women. Once subjected to such act, a sodomized male becomes addicted to these sensations, and experiences cravings to repeat these experiences again. This also leads to a personality change, and such men begin to imitate female behavior and become "effeminate". [He never said what happens to the personalities of the tops...] Such men can also develop emotional dependence on their sodimistic partners and form with them a "long-term relationship".

So, of course at this point, I had to pick my jaw up off the floor, dust it off, and put it back on. The rest of this fuckwit's site is just as interesting. Like how animals can be forced into homosexual behavior by "unnatural" situations like domestication. Sounds like someone needs to read this book. But he's probably not interested in facts if they disagree with his dogma. I was extremely amused by his claim that a man having merely one wife will drive her to "drinking, smoking, or gambling."

I was raised pretty much a-religiously, and I'm basically an agnostic. I just have a hard time understanding the mentality of "I know what God really wants, and your religion is wrong. Now do what I say." This twit appears to be British, but we certainly have our share of religious know-it-alls as well (*cough* Fallwell *cough*), and they all share a similar mindset with this dork. They seem to be growing in power, or at least in volume, and I worry about what's going to happen if they gain more control than they already have.

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