Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Space age Velveelon

I just used a leftover half-brick of Velveeta, then realized it had to be six months old if it was a day. Is this stuff cheese or plastic?


Jon said...

Maybe it is a new hybrid of both. Perhaps chlastic or plasteese?
Heavily processed foods scare me, perhaps they could be linked to terrorism and eliminated. I can just image an occupation of Kraft to weaken the Axis of Evil. Whatever. :)

Anonymous said...

if you could make a structure out of ding dongs and velveta you could sit in it and wait for the heat death of the universe.

my question is WHY were you using velveta?


Narc said...

Manya -- I will thank you to leave my ding dongs out of this conversation.

It was that Velveeta with Rotel tomatoes and chilis dip, with leftover Velveeta from the last time I'd had people over. It is something of a guilty pleasure. I have tried making something similar with real cheese, and it did not come out nice at all.

Vogue said...

I was just wondering: Do you really want to know?

Narc said...

Jon -- If you look at the list of ingredients, there's nothing there that's really objectionable.

I suspect it's the sodium phosphate that gives the Velveeta it's unusual melting characteristics. I bet you a nickel that it makes the butterfat somewhat more soluble in water, and less likely to separate on melting. There may be some mechanical Homogenization like they do with milk, but I'm not sure. Chemistry is your friend!

And I should also point out that, after the right wing ended their boycott of Disney, they went after Kraft for their domestic partner policies. Kraft, however, has stood firm against them, and refuses to change their policies. They should be applauded for that, and all my processed cheese food products will be Kraft brand from now on. Exxon, now there's part of the Axis of Evil...