Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Candy corn is my kryptonite

Jon mentioned earlier the groceries in C-U are expensive. I'm not sure I agree with that, although it seems to me Schnucks is pricey for little added benefit. Plus, milk and bread I buy there go bad unusually quickly, for some reason. I've always found Meijer to have fairly reasonable prices and both their selection and their stuff seems to be better than any of the smaller stores in town.

I went this weekend, though, and it seemed some stuff was a bit more expensive than I remembered. Or maybe the stuff I needed and hadn't stocked up on lately just wasn't on sale. They seem to be in the process of up-scaling. I assume that's to better differentiate themselves from Wal-Mart now right across the street. They're putting in a bakery, and there's a new deli counter. Unfortunately, it's a lot bigger and none of the people working behind the counter can see over it.

Halloween candy was on sale. I was bad.


Jon said...

Part of my comment about expensive groceries stems from being vegetarian and travelling. When abroad, even if it is only Chicago, I often go to markets in the city and see firsthand how much of a "premium" is placed on the products here.
It sickens me that a carton of hazelnut "milk" is 1.99 in Chicago and 3.29 here.
In conclusion, I will admit I am a bit of a food snob, and expect to pay a higher price, but at the same time I expect the price to be reasonable.

Narc said...

I have nothing against being a food snob. I resemble one, myself.

Looking at SF, I'm surprised at just how small it really is. There's just not much there. I wonder if C-U is just too small a community to support a significant natural foods store. Doesn't say much about the possibility of getting a Whole Foods here, unfortunately.