Sunday, July 30, 2006

What would it take?

I've read on a few blogs (sorry, forget where) the idea that there is nothing a conservative can say that is so over-the-top, so vile, and so outrageous that it will get a conservative pundit kicked off the air. I'm starting to think that's true. Case in point: Ann Coulter

This week, Coulter suggested Bill Clinton was gay. Why? Because he was "promiscuous." So, it seems, having sex with a lot of women means ... you like dick. Setting aside that ludicrous idea, do you think we will see Coulter saying that Newt Gingrich is a screaming queen? After all, for five years, he was screwing an aide twenty-three years younger than himself while he was married to another woman.

It gets worse. Later, she called Al Gore a "fag." That's not my paraphrase. That's what the (arguably) number-one Republican pundit called a former Vice President of the United States on national television. A fag. Can you imagine the uproar if something similar happened to George H. W. Bush? Or if someone called Alberto Gonzalez a "spic?" The right-wing media machine would be calling for the deaths of whoever said it, as well as the deaths of those in charge of the network where it was said. Well, more than they do now, anyway.

This is, of course, the same woman that called the venerable Helen Thomas an "old Arab," and has called for the bombing of the New York Times building. And yet, she's still on the air.

I wonder if we'll be hearing her call Joe Lieberman a "midget kike," next.

Video of Coulter's fag joke and her outing of Clinton is at Crooks and Liars.


David said...

Okay, here's my suggestion, and I humbly think it's a good one:

Register ""... I checked, and it's available. Start a website that does nothing but quote her, and point out how insane and evil she is. It would be a repository for her idiocy. I would volunteer to design it for you. And I think your fellow bloggers would be more than happy to help provide you content; you could even make it a group blog.

With elections less than 100 days away, we'll be seeing more of her, so there should be plenty to report. I guarantee it'll get hits galore, maybe even come to her attention and really piss her off. And honestly, wouldn't that be worth all the effort right there?

Think about it. I'm totally serious. How fun would this be?

Narc said...

You know, oddly, this is an intriguing idea. I would prefer going with StopAnnCoulter, in the vein of "StopDrLaura." There would be significant Internet precident for AnnCoulterSucks, as well.
Unfortunately the .com versions of those are already taken, but the .net and .org versions are available.

Exactly how serious are you about this?

Vogue said... has been suggested.

We just checked and it's available.