Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Plan B misconceptions

The DI editorial page today incorrectly says -- not once, but twice -- that Plan B causes abortions. I don't have time to write a letter to the editor pointing this out. Anyone else feel like doing it?


The Squire said...

I would, 'cept I can't see it online.

Jon said...

If it wasn't the DI. I don't consider them an actual newspaper. They just distribute AP stories to the masses. And provide the college with lowbrow, and potentially offensive, comics.

Narc said...


From Point Counterpoint Plan B:

...but ironically the pill can actually cause an abortion by preventing the implantation of an already fertilized embryo onto the uterine wall.

From An oath or an order? (Admittedly, a letter to the editor rather than an editorial):

The moral concern with the morning after pill is that it may kill a newly created human being, i.e. cause an abortion.

As I understand it, there is no evidence that Plan B prevents implantation. I suspect Tyler Friederich exposes the real reason for the objection to Plan B in his last sentence:

...proponents of Plan B are supplementing the predicament of licentiousness.

The opposition to Plan B is not about safety or efficacy, but is based in punishing slutty women for having sex.

It's interesting how contraception == licentiousness, as if married people don't use birth control.


Honestly, it's a daily student newspaper. I think that republishing AP stuff covering stories of national and world interest for "the masses" is probably the best way to do it. It's not like we can expect them to have embedded student reporters in Iraq, or even at White House press briefings. They also cover local news and university-related news, written by local reporters. (Not sure if they're students or DI staff.)

And remember, college students often are lowbrown and offensive. :-)