Saturday, December 09, 2006

Yeah, but what about Chip?

Wow, that was quick:

Lance Bass and his boyfriend, Reichen Lehmkuhl, have called it quits, People magazine reported on its Web site Monday.

Bass, who was part of the boy band 'N Sync, revealed earlier this year that he is gay and was in a relationship with Lehmkuhl, a former Air Force captain and winner of season four of CBS' "Amazing Race."


Matthew said...

Am I the only gay man on earth who thinks that Lance Bass is attractive?

David said...

Matt: Yes. Well, no, just you and Reichen.

Eric: Since Lance and I are friends on MySpace (ahem) I can tell you that he refuted that rumor six days ago.

Narc said...

Matt: I never said he was unattractive. I don't think he's particularly hot, but I couldn't tell you why. I think it's something about the eyebrows.

By the title of the post, I was saying that Reichen was always considered the "hot one" of the Chip/Reichen couple, even though Chip is quite the looker, too. Reichen just got all the attention because he was the male model. He looks too male modeley for my taste.

David: I don't run in the same celebrity-laden circles as you, so I can't get to that link. People says that they're split, though working on their relationship.