Sunday, January 28, 2007

Doughnuts and people-watching

(This was originally written while I was away for Christmas. I'm only now getting around to posting it. Yes, I really am that lazy.)

I have a couple of hours here in Chicago's Union Station. So I'm killing time sitting in the food court with a cup of coffee and my first-ever Krispy Kreme doughnut. (Not bad, but over-hyped.)

There's a restaurant right next to my seat with an older Asian man and a younger Asian woman hawking their food in broken English. "Yummy, yummy, right here" is his line and he's been repeating it every thirty seconds for the past hour. "You try sample" is her cry to the passers-by, along with a proffered toothpick topped with some sort of meat.

I just watched a guy walk up and order an egg roll and something else that I don't know what it is because he only pointed to it. The name of the restaurant? Kelly's Cajun Grill. Now that's fusion cuisine.

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