Thursday, March 15, 2007

The ultimate Champaign-Urbana blogroll

The local blogging community is fairly small, so I'm making some attempt at a comprehensive list. Below are all the blogs local to Champaign-Urbana I've been able to find. If one is missing or has gone inactive, please let me know.

Update 2007-06-23: Removed a number of blogs that had not been updated in three months.


Matthew said...

Fairly smally? Actually, for a community this size, I'd say it's fairly large. Compare the local blogging community here to the blogging community in, say, Bloomington-Normal.

What blogging community in Bloomington-Normal,' I hear you ask?


Having said that, it should be noted that some of the blogs you've got on the list haven't been updated for months, and may therefore no longer be active.

Narc said...

You have a point, Matthew. I'm sure the number of bloggers per capita is higher in C-U than in the typical rural community of the same size. I just meant the number was small in absolute terms. If you tried to make this same list for Chicago, I suspect it would be overwhelming.

I'm using a rough cutoff of three months. If you haven't updated your blog within that window, I'm counting it as "dead." I went through and culled out a bunch in my initial list that seemed abandoned, and will go through again in a month or so.

Loren Heal said...

Small blogging community? Large?

50 blogs for a community of roughly 100,000 would be 2000 blogs per capita. So C-U is a 2Kb community.

By the way, you don't have the Academy listed ... not that I blame you. With the Borglike expansion of my vast blogging empire, soon there will be no more Internet for the rest of you.

Already I get almost a dozen hits a day. Sometimes. Counting the search engines. And Mom.

(I don't live in C-U, but I grew up there, and work there.)

David said...

Really? Bloomington-Normal has no bloggers? That seems odd. It's a university town as well, and it isn't exactly a tiny village. Maybe they just type quietly.

Anonymous said...

What about Bambenek?

Matthew said...


Trust me, as someone who lived in Bloomington-Normal for three years, and who can compare it to Champaign-Urbana: It's not a university town.

Yes, there are two universities in B-N, but their impact is not felt nearly as much as the UofI's is here in C-U.

Bloomington-Normal is the corporate headquarters for two national insurance groups, and their impact is far more obvious than the universities'.

This isn't a slam on ISU or IWU. They're both fine institutions. They just seemed to be eclipsed by the corporations in the community.

I've talked about this with a couple of other people moved from C-U to B-N, and then back again, and they agreed. One of them, in fact, referred to B-N as "a suburb in search of a city."


Billy Joe Mills said...

there are a few blogs run by law professors...did you get those ones? I think you missed a few that you could find at Urbanagora in our blogroll under "The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Thinktank"

Thanks for listing us :)

jscrilla said...

If you want a sure-fire way to find a lot of bloggers in the CU community, visit We have a directory of blogs in the community. We are currently hovering around 70 blogs, although some of those are from transients who went on their way.

Come check us out and submit your blog. We also have blog reviews ratings, with more to come.

BTW, thanks for the mention. :D