Saturday, January 12, 2008

And so it begins

Remember how I said the whole Barak-Obama-is-a-Muslim thing was going to start spreading? Well, it has.

  • Bill Cunningham, who broadcasts a syndicated radio program on over 300 stations and is a regular guest on FOX's Hannity and Colmes, referred to Obama as "Barack Mohammed Hussein Obama."
  • Ross Mackenzie said in a nationally syndicated column on that Obama was educated in a "madrassa school."
  • Nationally syndicated radio show host and professional douchebag Michael Savage referred to Obama as "Senator Barack Madrassas Obama."

Those are just examples from the past couple of days. These aren't just fringe kooks ranting in a mimeographed newsletter handed out on streetcorners. These are all syndicated commentators with nationwide audiences. They are all putting out the idea that Obama is a Muslim and/or that he was indoctrinated into the violent aspect of Islam. It's not just that they're just making stuff up, they're trying to create in people's minds a reflex association between Barak Obama and radical, violent Muslims.

This is the right-wing media machine doing what it does best. I expect we can look forward to seeing more of this as the race heats up. Lots more.

UPDATE: Illinois Reason deconstructs an even more extreme scare-mongering "Obama is a Muslim!" email.


Rob_N said...

The lyin' right is also pretty seriously defaming his Christian church with their mischievous misinformation mayhem -- and it's ticking off the head honchos at the United Church of Christ...

Welcome to Swiftboating 2008 -- Let's Lie About a Christian Guy!

Matthew said...

The conservatives/GOP really don't want to face Obama in the general election, so this is their one and only time to lose him the nomination.


Anonymous said...

Hey, what about Obama's drug use? Quick get the Clinton campaign on the phone. Remember Billy Shaheens "accidental" comment?

Narc said...

Well, what about Obama's drug use. It was when he was a teenager, he's admitted it, and moved past it. I'm not sure if you're saying drug use leads to Islam or if Islam leads to drug use.

I'm sure the Clinton campaign is well aware of it, since he talked about it in his book.

I have no idea who Billy Shaheens is, or what his comment was.

It sounds like you're just throwing out random character attacks and hoping one sticks.

Anonymous said...

William Shaheen is the husband of former NH governor Jeanne Shaheen. He was
also the Chairman of the Clinton campaign in NH. He made mention of Obama's
past drug involvement and was asked to step down as state chairman.
Nevertheless, the mention was made but once again, the senator from New York
is blameless. This is more fun than watching sharks at a feeding frenzy.

Furthermore, this in just today:

Anonymous said...

Rob_N said...

Cerebus, you forgot Kindergarten. ;)

Narc said...

So in other words, your comments about Clinton have nothing to do with this post. Thanks for visiting.

Anonymous said...

"So in other words, your comments about Clinton have nothing to do with this post..." While the Clintons may not have attacked Obama and his alleged muslim connection, they will use any means at their disposal to destroy his candidacy. The winner here may well be John Edwards. The Democratic Party infighting is far from over. All the right has to do is wait till the dust settles. Personally, I am dissapointed with the entire feild of candidates but am somewhat impressed by Obama raising himself above the fray. Been a nice visit.