Sunday, August 17, 2008

Why can't you buy plain yogurt in small containers?

When I was shopping for ingredients to make a recipe the other day, I needed to buy plain yogurt, something I don't often buy. In the yogurt isle of the supermarket there were a wealth of options. Even in plain yogurt there was plain, vanilla (pretty close), whole-milk, low-fat, nonfat, organic, and regular. But that kind of yogurt is only sold by the bucketful.

Sure, the flavored yogurt is sold in smaller containers. If I wanted Banana Berry Rhubarb Delight instead of plain, I could have bought individual 8 oz. containers, four-packs, six-packs, whipped, blended, sugar-free, drinkable smoothies, and even freakin' yogurt-in-a-tube. But, no, I needed plain yogurt, and the smallest container they seem to sell is two pounds.

So I have two-pound-minus-a-cup of plain, whole milk yogurt and no idea what to do with it. I've made yogurt cheese before, and that worked fine, I just don't have a lot of use for it. Does anyone have any suggestions?


Anonymous said...

yobaby makes a 6 pack of 4 oz plain for kids

Glock21 said...

Drain a can of peaches and throw 'em in. Ain't bad for plain yogurt. Eat a bit a day until it dies in the fridge.

Fig said...

Stoneyfield farms makes plain in single serving containers

You can do anything with yogurt!

1. drain the liquid off and mix with honey

2. put in the blender w. fresh fruit and lots of ice to make a smoothie

3. mix w. cut up cucumbers and garlic and salt to make tzaziki (or something like that - you know me and spelling)

4. buy a box of no-pudge brownies and use it to make brownies

5. mix with granola and eat as a snack.

6. coat a chicken in yoghurt and apricot jam mixed together and bake or grill

7. coat a chicken in yoghurt and fried onions (yes, really) and roast it

8. put fresh berries on it

I go through a large container every week - sometimes more.

Anonymous said...

When I have extra plain, I use it in cake mixes, as a face mask, or I mix in fruit jellies/honey for a quickie snack.

Fig said...

Inquiring minds what to know what you did with your yogurt?

Narc said...

Stoneyfield does make plain YoBaby yogurt in smaller quantities. I'd never actually noticed it before in the yogurt aisle, probably because it looks pretty much identical to all the other fruity yogurts.

That takes me to my next complaint. The 24 oz. of YoBaby yogurt costs as much as the 32 oz. bucket o' yogurt. If I could have bought 8 oz. for a buck, I would have jumped at the chance.

So what did I do with it? Cherry fro-yo. A recipe will be forthcoming before too long.

Anonymous said...

you can eat it...