Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Math. It matters.

From a letter in today's News-Gazette

The reason that the Big 3 cannot compete is executive salaries. The math once again proves how wrong Kruse is for blaming the autoworkers. The top two General Motors executives combined salaries were over $22 million in 2007. Divide that by 3.8 million cars sold by GM in 2007, and you find that these two salaries added over $5,800 to the price of every car GM sold in America last year.

Yes, please. Divide $22 million by 3.8 million. Did you get 5,800?


Anonymous said...

Damn, when I use a slide rule for division, I always get the decimal point wrong.

moon-grrl said...

To write in to the Snooze, you must be infected teh drooling stoopids. No exceptions.

Anonymous said...

Actually, Edmond's Insider Line lists GM 2007 sales at 9.4MM, while Automotive News lists 8.9MM sales (after subtracting sales in China).

David said...

Hee. Sometimes you don't even need to mock the stupid people; they do it for you.