Wednesday, July 01, 2009

I get email comments

It's always seemed to me that you haven't hit the big leagues as a blogger until you start getting hate mail from kooky, weird people. If you're PZ Myers, you get death threats. While I'm no PZ, I guess I'm moving out of the pee-wee league and into the little leagues. This comment was left by "Mary" on a two and a half year old post I wrote as a reponse to another local blogger's misogynistic column in the Daily Illini. I shall not speak the name of that local blogger lest that summon him, but it rhymes with "Shmambenek." Anyway, here's the comment:

Wow, could you possibly be more of a gutter slut? If I had a billion dollars, I'd bet it all that you'll die of some ghastly STD by the time you're fifty. That's how it is with all you gutter whores.

You are beneath me and anyone else with a shred of morality. You are the bottom of the barrel...complete and utter scum. People like you are just one notch above murderers.

I am all for gender equality, or equity at least. Women are just as capable of doing things as well as a man could, and in many cases better. But we don't need to use our bodies to get ahead. We are smart and can use our BRAINS. Men don't have to use their bodies to get ahead. Why do we persist on using our bodies and not our brains?

I like classical feminism, but this new 'omg I want to have sex with fifteen billion guys and I want everyone to praise me for it' is complete and utter bullshit and I WILL call feminists prostitutes with no integrity because that's exactly what you are. As John Bambenek said, at least they can be honest about themselves and what they do. One couldn't say the same about gutter trash like you.

Wow. People who have sex are "one notch above murderers?" Unhinged, much? I must say, if Mary and Schmambenek are apparently the paragons of virtue, I shall wear the label of "gutter slut" with pride. Now, where are my fifteen billion men?

UPDATE: Speaking of internet trolls, there's a really interesting problem over with Wenalway, a persistent troll, over at IlliniPundit. Check out the July 3 Open Thread. It seems to me the persistence, scope, and narcissism of this one troll makes me wonder if this is less about Internet jerkitude and more about a mental illness of some sort.


moongrrl said...

I've been trying to come up with a comment for this post. Unfortunately, my brain keeps hanging up on the enormity of both Banana's and his crazed follower's two-years-late logic. It's crazier than a shit fight in the monkeyhouse!

Oh, and it seems she thought you were a woman. ;-)

David said...

Yeah, I'm with moongrrl on this one. The stark raving bonkerness of that post leaves me pretty speechless.

But still, congrats for hitting the minor leagues.

And am I the only one who thinks that's Bambi posting under a pseudonym?

David said...

...or, even better, his wife?

Narc said...

It's too late to check the logs, but for the record, I suspect this particular troll just came across the site from a random Google search or something. I doubt this is the Unspoken One himself or any relation. It's just too long-ago of a post for that to make any sense

moongrrl said...

David: Bananas is too much of an egotist to post under a pseudonym. If he wanted to call you a gutter slut and wish death by STDs on you, he'd make sure there was a picture and a link to his "Full-Time Asshat" blog.

Jonathan said...

we are all gutter whores. ;-)