Sunday, September 06, 2009

Challenge me

So I kind of want to cook something. I just can't decide what. I tend to have a few things I cook a lot and put them in rotation. But as much as I like a good stir fry, they all tend to be variations on a theme. So I want something new.

A couple of weeks ago, I was thinking about doing a roast, but that's a lot of meat and three weeks worth of leftovers would get tiring after a while. On the other hand, you could do a lot with all of that.

So does anyone have any suggestions?


moongrrl said...

Other than stir-fries, what else do you cook too often?

Fig said...

Indian vegetables are a nice change from stir fries and freeze well eliminate the need to eat the same thing every day for weeks.

I like stews as the weather gets colder and they also freeze well.

A small roast chicken allows you to roast some vegetables along with it, make gravy (if you like gravy), have hot roast chicken, cold chicken sandwiches, chicken salad, and chicken chili - left overs that aren't all the same.

A single roast duck quarter is perfect for 1 person and you can do a bunch of different things with.

Sean and I eat a lot of fish. You can buy a size that is perfect for you and then spice it/cook it a bunch of different ways - en papillot, baked in salt, broiled, pain fried, steamed in microwave (suprisingly good), etc.

I love risottos and make a lot of them

Is that enough of a challenge?

Anonymous said...

Only a doctor would pain fry fish.

moongrrl said...

LOL @ pain fried.

J and I eat lots of bean dishes: red beans and rice, baked beans, calico beans, black bean chili, etc. We're cheap and gassy like that. They all freeze well, though I cook up the rice fresh each time.

We also make lots of sauces: red meat sauce, pesto, mushroom sauce, clam sauce, etc. Big batches, so there's enough to have some over pasta, some over rice, and some over veg. All are also good for freezing.

Dr. Fig is spot on with her stew recommendation. I'm chomping at the bit to make some Coq au Vin again.

Fig said...

What did you make?