Tuesday, February 09, 2010

In defense of Pat Robertson, pt. 2

Geez, I really need to get off my lazy ass and blog more. After my previous posting about Pat Robertson and how people are shocked (shocked, I say!) to discover that he's such a douchebag, Gryphon77 posted it to Facebook, Glock to Smile Politely, and my mom even emailed me (rather than commenting here, hint, hint).

The moment has probably passed, so I won't belabor the point, but I find it interesting to note that people in both places rebuke Robertson by using his own tactics. Ryan Neaveill does it politely and just says that Robertson is using "bad theology," while one of the commenters on Gryphon's thread out and out says that Robertson is not a True Christian™

I am just amused at the irony of people calling out Robertson's comments about Haitians being heretics ... by saying he's a heretic.

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