Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Is the News-Gazette ashamed of its readers?

For those of you reading that aren't local (all three of you), there has been a spate of what appear to be unprovoked attacks on people in the C-U area. It's not clear if they're linked or if they're racially motivated, but they've all been by black teenagers with white victims. Robbery was involved in at least one of the attacks, but not all of them.

That being said, I just noticed that all the News-Gazette articles on the subject have had their comments closed. I can't find this trend on any other N-G topic. Just as examples:

That's not to say that these articles don't bring the crazies out of the woodwork. So far it seems that, on the articles that had open comments at one point, they largely consisted of:

  • See how racist black people are?
  • This wouldn't have happened if we had concealed carry in Illinois.
  • These teenagers should be given the death penalty/put in prison for the rest of their lives/beaten within an inch of their lives.
  • This is happening because black children don't have fathers because single motherhood is glorified in black culture.
  • If these were white teens beating up black people, there would be riots in the streets! (But I'm not racist.)

Does anyone know if Crazy Mayor Schweigart has weighed in on this? Maybe they're all socialists from Kenya or something.


Glock21 said...

I demand to see the perps' birth certificates! No true scotsman, err... American, rather, would do such a thing.

moongrrl said...

The online comments are mirrored in the Letters to the Editor, with the addition of "Whare are all of the leeders in the black community who shat themselves when Carrington was shoot-ed?"

The front page story on Sunday was *all about* the concern amongst the leaders in the black community, but I guess it's not enough? MOAR CONCERN!