Sunday, January 08, 2006

Bring on the violence!

Squire ... ahem, excuse me ... The Squire links to a list of new Illinois laws that took effect at the beginning of this year. There is one, however, that won't be coming into play, the Violent Video Games Law and the Sexually Explicit Video Games Law. A judge ruled that the law was written so vaguely that it became unconstitutional. That's fortunately, since it was a pretty stupid law to begin with.

I ranted about that a while ago. It looks like after I wrote that, the law was amended so that the intended penalty for selling an M-rated game to a 17-year-old was actually less than the one from selling him alcohol. That was a small breath of sanity, I suppose. But the whole notion of criminalizing selling games is ridiculous to begin with. Why should they be treated any differently than movies or books or TV? This was obviously just a knee jerk overreaction to a non-problem. Good riddance.

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