Saturday, January 14, 2006

No soup for you

It seems to me that if you're going to call for a discussion on a rather controversial topic, and then complain that people are making personal attacks, tell them they can't sit at the "adult table," and then refuse to take part in the discussion, you shouldn't go on your blog and call people names.

Go to the kiddie table. Do not pass Go. Do not collect dessert.


Anonymous said...

what are you refering to? Inquiring minds want to know. MFN

The Squire said...

Yeah, who exactly was being stupid this time around?

Narc said...

It was one way for him to feel like he was taking the moral high road, without the added burden of having to explain or defend his claims. In other words, to actually take part in the discussion. He strikes me as being overly sanctimonious and self-righteous for his own good.

To be fair, though, I thought the comment about him being "too cute to be straight" was a bit out of line. That's the closest thing I could find to a personal attack in either Matt's post or in its comments.