Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy VD

First of all, Happy Birthday to Jon. It must be nice when the whole world celebrates your birthday by giving chocolate to people.

And for the rest of you, planning to eat those chocolates, send flowers, and snuggle up tight for the evening, well, I hope you get the crabs.


Vogue said...

Jon hates that his birthday falls on this day. We're not allowed to have Valentine's day. It's just "Jon's birthday".

See what I give up? :)

Narc said...

You could always celebrate Budget Chocolate Day on Feb 15.

Jon said...

Having heard from a very young age the following:
"Oh it's soooo cuuutee!! You're a Valentine baby!"
It tends to warp one a bit. I stand warped, but I am growing more tolerant of having my birthday fall on V-Day. I just wish I had the money to shower a certain someone with gifts..

Oh, and organic (preferrably vegan) chocolate is awesome. I am a food snob.

Narc said...

Oh fess up, Jon. Birthday or not, you were warped from the get-go. :-)

And there's nothing wrong with being a food snob.