Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Priorities, people

In looking for her posting on the DI's suspension of the Cartoon Two, I made the mistake of going over to Michelle Malkin's blog. The first thing I see is a blog entry comparing the publishing of the now-infamous Muhammed cartoons with the publishing of newly-released photos of the abuse that occured at Abu Ghraib. She's making accusations of hypocrisy in that there is controversy around the cartoons' publication, but not the Abu Ghraib photos. Seriously.

Let's see. One was, at best, terribly disrepectful of a major part of the world's population, and the other was concrete evidence of widespread and horrific abuse of prisoners, possibly condoned by senior officials in the American Army.

If you can't see the difference in the importance of these two things, go have your sense of proportion checked.


The Squire said...

Remember, this is a person who thinks that the Japanese Internment was perfectly justified, but is too chickenshit to actually say that she also thinks that doing the same to Muslims would be a-ok. Assuming that she has her sense of proportion straight is a bit much.

Narc said...

I wasn't really addressing Malkin. She's probably so far down the rabbit hole, she's beyond saving. Just making a general observation.