Thursday, April 20, 2006


This is turning into your 24-hour Bambenek news blog.

Archpundit has jumped on the Bambenek creationism train, giving him a righteous smackdown in one of his latest entries.

AP picked up on it from That's News To Me!, who has also commented.

And here's the best part: In the News to Me comments, John wonders why people who disagree with him "hate America." Yeah, that's it. People who are pro-science hate this country. I know I'm not real fond of baseball, apple pie, or my Mom, either. The most ironic part is that this is the same Bambenek that was complaining about ad hominem attacks over at Squire's blog.

Someone should revoke Bambenek's invitation to the adult table.

UPDATE: The comments at Archpundit's post are amusing, too. But come on, AP, take the gloves off; tell us how you really feel.


john bambenek said...

Re: Why do you hate America...

Hey Narci, I think your sarcasm detector is broken.

Narc said...

Um, no. Sarcasm is when you say the opposite of what you mean as a means of being ironic. Just before you accused Don of hating America, you said:

You people want to end democracy and impose your views outright. And not just impose those views, but ban opposing views.

So it still doesn't sound to me like you were complementing him on being a true patriot.

Ever since 9/12/2001, conservatives have been anyone that disagrees with them of treason, not in any metaphysical sense, but actual, literal treason. So you'll have to excuse us if we're a bit overly sensitive.