Thursday, April 20, 2006

It's all just fodder for the blog

After yesterday's post, my fingers ached and I just didn't want to hear the word "Bambenek" for a while. Perardi points out that there is a debate on gay marriage going on tonight (which I won't make because it starts in nineteen minutes) in which everyone's favorite conservative will taking part.

I hope it's better researched that his DI column on gay marriage this week. I just can't face going over his arguments yet again, but I'll point this out:

Marriage [without sex] becomes merely an economic relationship wherein the parties organize themselves for mutual financial benefit.

Sigh. For most of human history, that's what marriage has primarily been. Marriage for financial and political gain for oneself and one's family is the ages-old definition of "traditional" marriage. Marriage as an emotional relationship and commitment is a radical and recent change.

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