Saturday, July 28, 2007

Democrats never go to church?

There is a post over at Illinipundit about Giuliani. I don't want to comment on the discussion there, but point out something about the original editorial. That editorial, from the Washington Post, begins:

Social issues such as gay rights and gun control divide America so sharply largely because no one has found a single solution for them equally acceptable to both churchgoing conservatives and secular liberals.

Note the dichotomy there: the two groups in politics are, apparently "churchgoing conservatives" and "secular liberals". Even though an overwhelming majority of Democrats are religious -- and Christians, to boot -- only conservatives qualify as "churchgoing."

We saw this crap all the time in the last election, except that it wasn't "churchgoing conservatives," it was "values voters." The rest of us being, apparently valueless, atheists that attend Black Mass during the new moon and probably would eat your face given half a chance.

It's a dangerous assertion made worse by the fact that it's probably unconscious at this point: that only conservatives have a moral compass. Of course, this meme has been brought to you by your "liberal" media.


David said...

This is where American politics has shifted because it's proven quite successful the last 8 years or so; when you actually can't win the talking points, just polarize the voters by addressing their own feelings of worth and morality.

It's the "with us or against us" attitude; you're either a good person (with us) or a bad one (against us). And, you know, you'll only find the good people in church.

Matthew said...

Great post topic, Narc, and quite an excellent summarization of it.

David's right, it's easier for the pols to go the divisive, rather than substantive, route (that doesn't make it right, of course).

What's even sadder is that so many people let themselves fall into the distracted trap of letting the issues continue to be defined this way.

It's a sad state of affairs all round, and I keep hoping it will change at some point.

And, yes, the 'atheistst are immoral heathens' meme is tiresome and frustrating in the extreme.

*sigh* Oh well.

Matthew said...

Oh, and a little birdie told me it's your birthday today (July 31st), so...

Happy Birthdsy! :-)

moon_grrl said...

Many happy returns of the day, Narc.

Don Gerard said...

One time years ago I went to a garage sale at the home of a former Illini Basketball head coach and his wife says to me (pointing to a stack of Tom Clancy paperbacks), "There are lots of books over there...(dramatic pause)...if you are the type that reads, that is."

Narc said...

Thanks to you both!