Tuesday, July 24, 2007

How much is a blog post worth?

John Bambenek is making a nuisance of himself again. He has filed a complaint with the FEC that the popular political group blog Daily Kos is an unregistered political committee. I discovered this when I saw that Atrios (another popular blogger) had bestowed upon him his semi-regular award of "Wanker of the Day."

His argument is essentially that DK provides the gift of "free advertising" to political campaigns and candidates. Since a paid advertisement on DK costs $9,000, he argues that must mean a blog post must be worth "at least that much." The only source of revenue to DK that I'm aware of is paid advertisements from the Advertising Liberally network. Those don't meet 2 USC 431. Therefore, the only possibly contribution to DK would be the value of the individual blog posts, made by unpaid community members. These clearly don't meet the status of a "contribution:"

2 USC 431(9)B: The term "contribution" does not include - (i) the value of services provided without compensation by any individual who volunteers on behalf of a candidate or political committee

The good news is that both the right and left blogosphere are fairly united in the absurdity of this complaint.

The thing I find frustrating is that I'm not convinced it has been made in good faith. The timing is suspicious. It's only a week until the Yearly Kos convention starts up in Chicago. So I rather just think this is a ploy to get attention. The sad thing is that it worked.


Seriously said...

Everything Bambi has ever done has been a ploy to get attention. I think he has mommy issues.

j-dub said...

Isn't he a tech guy at the university?

He also alleged that Kos spends over $1K on hosting per year. Unless they maintain their own servers (which is highly unlikely for a site like Kos), there is almost no way for them to be spending over that amount of money in hosting; at least during a year. Another off base accusation.

Also, he must be one heck of a tech guy with that type of knowledge in his field...

Narc said...

He is, I believe, IT staff at the university.

$1K a year is less than $100 a month. DK gets about 20,000,000 page views a month. I suspect they spend $1K a year for hosting easily.

Don Gerard said...

How small does one's d*ck have to be to consistently pull the same lame sh*t?

Christ on a bike, go collect money for cancer research or help coach a youth athletic team or organize a day to clean up a park or something...

What kind of life is it to be a grown man and do little but seek "bad attention" as would a spoiled three-year-old?

prairie biker said...

As I recall from Bambenek's description of his responsibilities that he gave at the very first CU blogger meet, he said he spends most of his time in a windowless basement babysitting servers and playing play station.

clearly, he is intellectually tasked to capacity.