Sunday, April 13, 2008

This is what happens when you put two scientists in a room together

We have a new staff member starting at work soon. He is looking for an apartment. Another colleague recently went through a series of apartments looking for one that he found accessible and I suggested he might be able to share some of what he learned. We got into this discussion and it came up that it seemed the farther you get from campus, the better the apartments became. Somehow, paper and a pencil was involved and this sketch happened:

I think the fact that the "optimum distance to campus" is given in metric units just ices the cake.


David said...

You have achieved a new pinnacle of geek-dom.

figent_figary said...

Narc, I lie you a lot but you are a Big Geek (tm)


figent_figary said...

whoops. There should be a K in there. Sorry, too little sleep and fumblely fingers. :(


David said...

too little sleep and fumblely fingers

Qualities I always look for in a doctor. ;-)

Fig said...

David -- Phbbblt!

Narc -- You've started a trend!
Not quite the same (price vs. distance, instead of distance vs. nastiness at a given price) but similar.