Thursday, May 15, 2008

Our Brave New World x3

The things that are happening around us, in our names, are just becoming too numerous to even pay attention to. So here are just three things I think are important enough you should pay attention to:

1) On being ashamed of one's country at Balkanization: An innocent Italian man is disappeared into our new immigration obliettes.

2) Attempt at Show Trials--US Military--And Why it Failed also at Balkinization: The (a?) Chief Prosecutor of the Guantanamo military tribunals had to resign in protest at the political maneuvering and manipulation of the process. The judge had to remove one of the Legal Advisors from the case and ordered the DoD not to persecute any of the prosecuters for objecting to his manipulations.

3) Lastly, Glenn Greenwald links to a briefing given to the Pentagon's TV military analysts about abuses witnessed by the FBI at Guantanamo:

In GTMO, that translated into ... strip search[es] for control measures and he was forced to perform dog tricks on a leash.

Christ. What the fuck is this country coming to?

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Anonymous said...

Speaking of the surreal insanity of the Bush administration, take a look at this...

Apparently our local right wing nutjob is trying to hijack that state constitution...