Sunday, March 21, 2004

Sometimes I think the monkeys are smarter than us

A follow up to a previous entry.

In a stunning display of moral cowardice, second only to the holier-than-thou attitude that spawned the resolution in the first place, Rhea County commissioners voted Friday to recind their previous decision to try to ban gays from their county. According to Gary Fritts, the county attorney, the original intent of the bill was just to ban "gay marriage."

This ridiculous claim is, of course, an attempt to cop out of their own bigotry. There's no way that this resolution was intended to ban gay marriage. This resolution was at attempt to amend Tennesee's criminal code to ban "crimes against nature." In an AP article, J. C. Fugate was reported as saying, "We need to keep them out of here." He also asked Fritts what the best way was to pass a law that would ban homosexuals from living in the county.

Where in this did anyone mention marriage?

If Rhea Country truly believes that the scourge of homosexuality is bad enough that they can stand up and try to pass a law keeping them out of their oh-so-holy county -- as they apparently did -- they should have the moral fortitude to stand up and say so. And if there was an outcry from the entire civilized world telling them they were a bunch of inbred rednecks -- as there was -- they should have the similar fortitude to admit they made a mistake. Not try to cover up the issue by covering it with another hotly charged one that our society is currently grappling with.

According to seventh-grader Caitlin Kinney says she doesn't want homosexuals living in "her" community. "It's not a Christian thing," said Kinney. Wonder what would happen if a Jew or one of them thar Oriental folk tried to move there.

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