Thursday, March 18, 2004

Wishful (if shallow) thinking

I caught Will and Grace this evening. Hey, I was bored and nothing else was on. Anway, Bobby Cannavale plays a gay cop. According to TV Land, he'll be on next week as well, when he and Will go out on a date. It will of course, go badly, because Will is gay, and second dates can lead to things that we can't have in a sitcom, like men kissing.

Cannavale played a gay fireman in The Guru. A cute piece of fluff, but worth watching. (The movie, not him.) In it, his line "My little firebug," just made me melt all over the couch. I had to run it back and watch it a few times, then go shower. And his little firebug, Dash Mihok isn't hard on the eyes, either.

IMDB says he's married, but this trend of him playing gay, and gay in uniform, is one I can totally get behind.

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