Thursday, April 08, 2004

I think I'll stay a duckling

I happened to catch this review today on Salon about the new FOX reality show The Swan. The premise of the show is that they take a bunch of ugly women, give them lots of plastic surgery, and *poof* they're beautiful. I read the review, and thought, "There's no way this show is THAT bad."

Flipping channels this evening, I came across it unintentionally and, yeah, it really IS that bad. I couldn't watch it for more than five minutes before turning it off in disgust.

These aren't terribly unattractive women, just a bit average looking. What they have in common, however, appears to be very low self-esteem. And FOX is exploiting that.

This show is positively repulsive. It's hard to think how much lower television executives will sink.

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