Sunday, April 18, 2004

OK, now this is going too far

I was in the grocery store with David recently, and came across Orville Redenbacher's Cinnamon Butter Popcorn. First of all, the idea of adding cinnamon to popcorn strikes me as a bit weird. Secondly, this stuff contains a little packet of frosting to pour over your popcorn when it's done.

Are you kidding me? Frosted popcorn? Don't get me wrong, I have as much, if not bigger, sweet tooth than the next guy. I even admit to being somewhat partial to the slightly sweet Kettle Korn stuff that's coming out now. But popcorn that has frosting poured on top? That's going too far.

Are we really such a society that needs spoonfuls of sugar poured on everything? And at 750 calories per bag, it becomes really clear why we're becoming such an obese nation.

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