Saturday, October 30, 2004

Fuck the spambots!

One of the more persitent spam bots in the chatrooms is one for Interestingly, it's always the exact same thing, a bot enters, repeats the ad exactly three times in succession, then leaves. It looks something like:

Devin1011 Entered the chat
«Devin1011» Gay Roommate?
«Devin1011» Gay Roommate?
«Devin1011» Gay Roommate?
Devin1011 Has left

This lovely piece of network abuse has been brought to you at the ethically-challenged bastards at:

MoveOn Media. LLC
Toby Benjamin
1825 Logan St.
Denver, CO 80203
Phone: 303-564-7726
Fax..: 303-861-2427

So fee free to drop and tell him what a parasitic wanker he is. Better yet, drop a line to, who hosts the website and ask them to stop hosting their spammer.

Now here's the funny part. I can't find anything on this MoveOn Media, LLC, and there's nothing really interesting at the site itself. However, Googling for the email address gives one hit. A personal ad, and a rather amusing one, at that.

inexperienced seeks experienced
Posted by: toby
February 07, 2004 at 05:30:22

I've only given a BJ so far and i want to try more in the Denver area. 19 years old 155lbs smooth body. Email me at or call me at 303-861-2427.

The area matches the registration info for, as well as the email address and the phone number. I guess finding gay roomates isn't good for getting laid.

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