Sunday, October 17, 2004

You should be watching

If you're not watching Desperate Housewives, you should be. It's smart and clever and funny, which means it probably won't last out the season. Just off the top of my head, there are four good reasons for watching: the hot and hunky next door neighbor, played by Jamie Denton; the cute and horny gardner, who I hope to God is at least 18; one of the husbands is played by the guy that was the cute, yet celibate, Matt from Melrose Place; and Felicity Huffman. That last one was a reason entirely different from the other three.


David said...

The "cute and horny gardener" is named Jesse Metcalfe and not only is he almost 26 (whew) but he has his own website at And really... those pecs are beyond "cute."

While we're talking about websites, here is the official site for the show, and here is one for hot-n-hunky James Denton, as well as a Chat-with-Jamie site here.

Don't forget that ABC, in a smart move almost unprecedented in the annals of network television, is encoring the previous week's episodes of Housewives and Lost each Saturday night.

This public service has been brought to you courtesy of RftE. You're welcome.

Narc said...

In other news, Housewives and Lost have both been picked up for a full season!