Thursday, February 17, 2005


It looks like Dean is a lock for the head of the DNC. But I just saw on CNN yet again the famous footage of the Dean Scream, as they're doing a bit of a story on him. I mean, really, are we ever going to be shown Dean on the news without a clip of that? The guy mobilized Democrats in a way not really ever seen before, and was one of the first people to effectively use the Internet to get out his message (a blog) and to rainse funding. And yet all we see is that arm wave and a high pitched, "Yeahhh!" When George Bush I is on TV, we don't get cut-away clips of him vomiting in the Japanese Prime Minister's lap, the pretzel jokes about Bush II stopped fairly quickly, and Bob Dole fell off a fucking stage. How come we don't see the clip of that anymore?

Liberal media, my big fat ass.

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