Friday, February 18, 2005

HotmilitarystudGate on CNN

Anderson Cooper just interviewed Gannon on CNN. In that interview, and in other places, he's said it's fine that he's a partisan agent for a news organization with a conservative bent. In another CNN interview, he said, "Call me partisan, fine, but don't let my colleagues off the hook. They're partisan too, but they don't admit it." I guess that's the "but they started it" defense.

The problem with his claim is that Talon News, his former employer claims not to be partisan. From their web page:

Talon News is your source for unbiased news coverage and no-spin reporting. If you want the facts without all the slant, Talon News is the place to go for political, national, and international news.

So which is it? Are they deliberately partisan or unbiased and "no-spin?" Conservatives like to bitch and moan about the "liberal media," but even the media they're always complaining about isn't trying to deliberatly foster a political agenda, while claiming impartiality. Talon News is.

That's the problem. It's not the bias, it's the deception. They're trying to claim they're not doing something, while they are underhandedly doing that exact thing.

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