Sunday, February 20, 2005

Gayroomie spammer

This is interesting. I blogged some months ago about the gayroomie spammer in the local chatroom. The whois info for them now reads:

MoveOn Media. LLC
Domain Admin
PO Box 1825
Denver, CO 80203
Phone: 505-238-1234

Previously, it had read a different Colorado address, and not a post office box. But that phone number is a New Mexico number, not Colorado. Maybe poor Toby Benjamin went off to college. Let's hope he's found some action at last.

But there's more! Checking with the Colorado Secretary of State shows that MoveOn Media had its incorporated status dissolved after neglecting to file an annual report. I don't think that's a particularly big deal, though. The SoS lists the address for MoveOn Media as 1825 Logan St., Ste. 305. Interesting to note that the suite number wasn't in the original whois information for this domain.

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