Thursday, March 03, 2005

It's hard to beat free

If you live in Illinois or Michigan you can get a free copy of your credit report from the three big credit agencies for free. Actually it applies to a number of states other than those, but I know that all the people that regularly read this blog are from one of those states. I haven't checked mine in quite a while. As a previous victim of identity theft, yes, I know that's bad of me.

You can get your credit reports by visiting or by phone at 877-322-8228. I just did it, and it really is painless. Now we'll see if my credit is just as painless.


Jon said...

Cool, thanks for the reminder.. thank goodness all three finally have that info online, and you don't have to all and mail and wait and.... :)

Narc said...

It's not that they just now put it online. You've been able to order them from the credit unions for $8 for years now. The big change is that there is a new law (the FAIR Act) that went into law on March 1 for Illinois. You can now get a free copy of your credit report once per year from each agency.