Thursday, March 03, 2005


I just had a guy in the chatroom, who I've never seen before and certainly never chatted with, private me to call me an ugly bitch. What the fuck? The sad thing is he's the only gay man who's looked at me in months.


Dirk Fung said...

Chat rooms suck, hence why I have never dared to venture into them. Hello! If you are interested in some good times, please feel free to check out my blog,

Love you,

Dirk Fung.

Narc said...

If you've never dared to go into one, how do you know they suck?

Dirk Fung said...

How do I know? Because of my amazing powers of deduction. There is more behind the moustache than meets the eye. Besides, the internet is a silly place.

Love you,