Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Nobel, my ass

We've all heard that Terri Schaivo is, to all intents and purposes, brain-dead. Most of her brain has liquified. So how is it that places like FOX News can come up with a doctor that says not only does she respond to those around her, but can essentially communicate? How come she's so responsive to this doctor, and no others?

That doctor is William Hammesfahr. MediaMatters points out that, according to FOX News and his website, he was nominated for a Nobel prize. Hammesfahr's Senator wrote a letter to the Nobel committee nominating him for the Nobel. The problem with that is that you can't just up and nominate someone for a Nobel. Making a nomination for a Nobel prize is by invitation only. The only people that get invited to make a nomination are themselves doctors and scientists. Hammesfahr's Senator is, by trade, a lawyer and engineer. So his letter to the Nobel committee was a meaningless gesture. By this logic, I would send an email to someone at nobelprize.org and nominate my ass for the Peace Prize.

Furthermore, even if Hammesfahr had been legintemately nominated for the Nobel, we would never know. The names of nominees are not released for fifty years after the prize is awarded.


Vogue said...

I second the nomination of your ass for the Peace Prize.

Narc said...

On behalf of my ass, we are both honored to accept your nomination. For years, my ass has fought tirelessly to bring peace and harmony to the world. I'm glad to see it's finally getting the recognition it deserves.