Sunday, April 17, 2005

So is this evil in a good way?

This site is certified 22% EVIL by the Gematriculator
My blog is apparently 22% evil. Funny, I figured I'd be worse than that. I'm slightly more evil than David's Reports From the Edge, but I'm not sure if he's ahead or I am.

Gematria, by the way, is the study of numerolgy of Hebrew alphabet, usually applied to the Talmud. It works by assigning a number value to the letters, and adding up the numbers associated with the letters. It seems 3 is a good number and 13 is an evil number.

I couldn't help but wonder who else was good and evil.

  • Liberal blog: DailyKos is 27% evil.
  • Liberal blog: Eschaton is 45% evil. Hmm, gonna have to watch that guy.
  • Liberal blog: AmericaBLOG is 37% evil.
  • Conservative blog: Powerlineblog is 40% evil.
and ...
  • is 95% evil. Seriously.

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Vogue said...

That's very....interesting.