Monday, April 04, 2005

Still not getting it

What a crappy day for the bus to break down on the way home. The traffic on Green Street was already heavy; the lines outside the bars were a block long at 5:40. Outside every bar, it was like a sea of orange. And bright orange is not a flattering color on anyone.

It's been near-hysteria the lead up to this final game of whatever sport we're talking about. If our ball-manipulating athletic team is victorious against the other city's, it clearly means that, not just all the inhabitants of Champaign-Urbana are faster, stronger, and can jump higher than them, but it shows we're just morally superior in every way, too.

If the Illini win, I predict rioting on camplus. If not, I predict mass, cult-like suicides. Don't disappoint me, folks.


Vogue said...

It's obvious by now that they lost last night. We were taking a walk around our neighborhood at about 9pm last night and could hear people screaming and yelling at the television. I could only guess that they were losing. It was confirmed when we got home and looked it up online. I do not understand the mass hysteria and cult like behavior surrounding sports teams and figures either. I suppose all day at work I'm going to hear people moaning and crying because they lost. I would have liked for them to win FOR THEM, not for the rest of these idiots who don't have a life and think that somehow they are better people because the team they swore their blood oath to has won something. I'm so tired of living in this University dorm disguised as a town. If you don't live, breath, eat, sleep, and deficate the University of Illinois in this area, then you do not matter.

The Squire said...

If you don't live, breath, eat, sleep, and deficate the University of Illinois in this area, then you do not matter.

Well, if the University wasn't here, neither Urbana nor Champaign would be much larger than Hoopeston, Paxton, or Pontiac. If the cities didn't have the U of I, then they wouldn't matter. Were the university to up and move to Effingham and leave only cornfields where the campus was, all the students, faculty, and staff would move south, leaving acres of abandoned building behind and causing the local economy to crash. Why do you, vogue, or anyone else hold this fact against the university?

The Squire said...

*acres of abandoned buildings

Jon said...

It is easy to explain. A town can have a college/university and be proud of it. It can stimulate the economy. But the town does not have to have its lips permanently attached to said school's ass. I have lived in other college towns, and seen university areas that don't act in any way like this town. I think this town's problem's stem from being somewhat isolated too, in the middle of the corn fields, and that everyone here has nothing better to do than to blindly support the University and look down on those who don't.

Narc said...

Now, now, boys. Play nice. Don't make me stop this blog and come back there.