Friday, June 10, 2005

Imagine this

I want you to imagine something for a moment. Modern medicine is learning that certain virus are risk factors for certain cancers. This is oddly enough, good news, because we know we can prevent the spread of viruses and stop them from infecting people through vaccines. So imagine if a virus has been linked to a nasty form of cancer. So strongly linked, that 98% percent of the people with this cancer also have the virus. A cancer that kills thousands of American women every year, and is the number one cancer among women of childbearing age in the developing world. A virus that is so common that roughly 15% of adults have it, and may not know. Now imagine that we have a vaccine that may be able to prevent women from contracting the virus, and may protect them against this form of cancer.

Now imagine that someone wants to stop your daughter, your sister, or your mother from getting that vaccine because ... she might get the wrong idea and actually have sex.

This isn't a hypothetical situation. Conservatives want to do this in our country right now with an experimental HPV vaccine.

No mention of the existing Hepatitis A or B vaccines, or any of the HIV vaccines currently under research. I guess we shouldn't give those to American women either, or else they'd become raving sluts.

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