Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Nancy Grace-less

I don't get CNN Headline News, but from what I saw of her on CNN during the Petersen trial, Nancy Grace's show is every bit the rush-to-judgment, shrill platform for her rantings I expected it to be. This SF Gate article details what appears to be more lynching mentality than legal analysis:

At the three-month mark, the Nancy Grace show is already strangely skewed from the real world. Guests who advocate a wait-and-see attitude toward suspects are used as punching bags. Guests who bring a scary amount of anger are praised, often becoming regulars.

"I think the common theme of this show tonight, Nancy, is very clear," victims' advocate Marc Klaas said during one of 14 appearances he's made on her show. "There are people on this earth who should never be allowed to give birth."

But as FOX News and Bill O'Reilley and his ilk have shown us, people aren't interested in watching reasoned analyses of the news. They want shrill rhetoric and wild accusations. A certain looseness with the truth isn't amiss, either, so long as it's in line with their ideology. Soon, I expect there will be chair-throwing between pundits.

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