Thursday, September 01, 2005

It's sucking me in...

I was bored one day and discovered that there is an online version of Magic: The Gathering. This I did not need to know. I got sucked into that game back in college, and am surprised to find it's still going strong, albeit with lots of cards and expansions I don't know about. The online version is exactly like the real-life version, just played with virtual cards you buy and trade online. I'm trying to restrain myself from jumping in, buying a playable deck, and starting this madness again.

Update (2 Sept 05): Too late, it's got me. Bought my cards, and I'm waiting to take part in my first tournament, even.


Anonymous said...

do it! you know you want to...don't resist.

Sean is willing to sell you some cards to get you off the ground


Anonymous said...

Look me up - I'm "nebulous".

Not on all that often, but sometimes on weekends.

Anonymous said...

How goes the magicking?
Do you like it when everyone claps when you win?