Sunday, September 18, 2005

Um, somthin' ain't right here

I just popped over to eBay for a moment. Their front page lists the "Top 10 video games" they're currently selling. The list is:

  1. Sony PSP
  2. Gran Turisimo 4
  3. Playstation 2
  4. Halo 2
  5. Xbox
  6. Resident Evil 4
  7. Game Boy Advance
  8. GameCube
  9. Nintendo DS
  10. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Do you think someone should tell them that six out of the ten things on this list aren't video games?

It's like saying that the top DVD is a 30-inch Sony Trinitron.


Jon said...

eBay is starting to show its age in my opinion, with no real grasp of how fucked things within its system are currently. I stopped using them for the most part because it seems the "sellers" have become dumbed down and eBay is not assuring quality control. Those are probably in the video games category because of a seller thinking it would improve their chances.

Vogue said...

I generally find ebay to be the antichrist. I liken it to trying to shop at one the many "less than department stores" chains that are out there, including TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Gordman's, etc. You have to wade through an enormous amount of crap to find anything worth while, and when you do, it's usually the wrong size. The few times I've tried to find anything on ebay I end up finding 600 results, with 550 of them being the same item listed 550 different times. Also, my first attempted expereince with a seller on there was very unpleasant. That pretty much steered me away from ever using ebay. I grit my teeth if I use, which is rare, because it's a part of ebay. It's too bad, really, because when I first used, it had nothing to do with ebay. It was so nice.

Narc said...

It's not so bad if you know exactly what you want, and you stay away from the annoying full-time eBay sellers. I was looking at digital scales and some of the prices those full-time joints are asking are reasonable until you realize they're charging $15-20 for shipping.