Sunday, October 08, 2006

How not to design a website

The other day, I was listening to random music I've burned to my computer, and a Monte Montgomery track came up. He's a fairly unknown artist from Austin, but I think a remarkably talented one. I realized that the two albums I had by him were rather old, so I went to his website to see if there were any new ones.

So this is a guy that makes his living (presumably) making and selling music. He's apparently quite popular on the Austin live music scene, and has won a few awards. Yet on his website, there's no discography! There's no way to find out what albums he's put out. You can find mention of a few spread in various pages over the site, but there's no central location. For the website of a professional musician, that's inexcusable.

There's a little information about him and his music, and even a small gallery of photos. The largest of which is 100 by 70 pixels. It's not even a clickable thumbnail. (And he doesn't seem hard on the eyes at all.) Again, for a performer, for whom presentation to the public is vital, this is a bad idea.

I won't even discuss the (shudder) text crawl that's on the main page that goes by so fast it's nearly unreadable. Hint to the web designer: when you are displaying a single line of text, you don't need to have it scroll on and off the screen. Especially when it's a mention of how to buy your product.

Oh great, and now I found out he was just playing in Champaign a few weeks ago.


Anonymous said...

I definitely agree, Monte's website is not the best in the world, especially if you're wondering who the "band" is as there is no mention of his bassist and drummer anywhere (an integral part of his music of course). He's one of my favorite musicians, but surely not because of his website -- for what it's worth though, you can find some form of his "discography" on his merch page, showing only his recent four releases on his Harmonic Records label.

Jon said...

I think its best summed up by going to the "designers" site and looking at their portfolio.
Not only are the design even better, but they have a little description of each site they have done with a "WHAT THIS CLIENT HAD TO SAY" section.
Ironically, the two main ones have nothing under that section. Some of their clients are very scary though.