Sunday, October 01, 2006

If you read this, you will burn in hell

Austin Cline at has made a series World-War-II-like propaganda posters for the Christian Right. They're actually pretty funny in a "wow, that's really creepy" sort of way. This one is my favorite. This one is great, not only because it mocks Ann Coulter, but because it points out the violent threats thinly veiled under a lot of what the right wing does. See, for example the intimidation and actual death threats a group of college undergraduates got after Michelle Malkin posted their personal information to her blog, and her minions reacted to it.

UPDATE: Cline is guest posting over at Jesus' General, and has a new one up. Boy, is it wrong, wrong, wrong. But oh so funny!

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Anonymous said...

I don't know, Narc. They're beautiful, and many of them are great and over the top in a funny, campy, smart way.






If any of those were taken out of context, I wouldn't think they were a joke. I would just think that the xtian right had hired better artists than usual.

I'm not sure that the xtians would know they were a joke, either. Have you seen God's Army? It's a film about the indoctrination of young Christian children. There's an unforgettable scene of kids worshipping a picture of George Bush. They would love most of these posters...including some that I think are totally over the top.