Saturday, October 28, 2006

Remember, these people vote

There is, apparently, a actual discussion going on over at Christian Forums about whether Barack Obama is the Antichrist. Not a tongue-in-cheek discussion. Not sarcasm. Actual discussion about whether a U.S. Senator is a demon from hell sent by Satan. I can't get to the discussion yet, because registrations at that forum require administrator approval. But here are some tidbits over at,Cynical-C Blog, and kynns LiveJournal page:

While I was watching him, the VERY FIRST thought that came to my mind was asking the Lord if I was looking at the AC. I don't have a big opinion either way, but man, that was pretty scary. Even my life is good and no where neare to over husband was transfixed. I turned off the tv, it was just too much. This in not paranoia, it's actively waiting for prophecy to be fulfilled.

No, crazy lady, that is paranoia.

This is just the type of person that the antichrist is.......A BIG DECEIVER!!!!!!! Do you expect the antichrist to come on the scene and be the biggest jerk imaginable, and immediately order everyone to take the mark? Half the world would tell him "where to get off"!!!! The AC has to be the kindest person in the world in the beginning, so he can draw people into his web of deceit. I already know that there are going to be tons of people who are going to fall right into his trap, just by reading the type of replies on this topic. I find THAT a tragic worldview.

Hey, it could be worse. He could be perceived as an aw-shucks, God-fearing, down-to-earth Texas boy that then demands laws that allow him to imprison and torture people without cause, warrant, or oversight. But, naw, that would never happen.

I just found a post on Obamas website from a Jewish girl. Barak (different spelling) means "lightening" in Hebrew. Luke 10:18 ~ And he said unto them, I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven.

Good God! Conclusive proof!

The scary part is that this really isn't unreasonable, given the apocalyptic nature of fundamentalist Christianity. They truly believe the world is going to end within their lifetimes, and that a great evil force will bring it about. So discussing who and who is not demon-spawn is predictable.

Now many of these good Christians are not absolutely convinced that he is the Antichrist, just that there is clearly something demonic about him. Perhaps we should try to come up with some sort of test to determine who has been seduced by the Devil and who has not. I have no doubt they would be difficult to perform, so they should probably be done only by trained professionals. And, if they do manage to find the Evil Ones among us, the souls corrupted by the Beast should be dealt with by those who are right with the Lord. I hear that fire is very cleansing.


Anonymous said...

"They truly believe the world is going to end within their lifetimes, and that a great evil force will bring it about."

Yes, but... They announce the world's going to end just about every other week or so, and the end is always signified by something new and different, and yet the world defiantly and regularly does not end (doesn't stop 'em from writing best-selling books about it, though).

How many different signs can there be announcing the apocalypse, or the rapture, or whatever it is this week?

alex_slayer21 said...

i think we shuld just stop worring about if he is or not remeber god will take us so i beleve all we can do is pray that we can healp our loved ones and frends if thay dont beleve and when he comes we should be thankful god bless

Kevin said...

How to test to see if he is the anti-Christ? I'm sure there are lots of texts around about the inquisition. These fundamentalists would be the first to step up to the rack and give it a whirl.

And you would think by now that after waiting all this time for the end to come, they would stop waiting. But then again, if the end isn't going to happen in your lifetime, then what is the point? I'm sure part of the excitement is thinking that you are in the special generation...

Narc said...

From what I know of Christian mythology, alex, if your loved ones don't believe before the End Times, they'll be screaming in agony for all eternity. If you did that to a dog, even for only a few years, it would be evil.

I've always wondered what Christians think they'll be doing up in heaven other than playing the harp, singing hymns, and drinking Champagne. Will they think of the rest of us? Will they come down on vacation tours from Heaven to watch the rest of us writhe while we're being tortured by demons? Will they point and laugh?