Sunday, August 22, 2004


It's sad that some of the best political writing I've seen in quite a while has been in blogs. The press isn't really interested unless it's been released as a White House talking point (They're true because they're said a lot!) or your garden-variety soundbite. It's as if, as a nation, we are uninterested in having serious debate about the (yes, complicated) issues that face us today. Instead we get: nonstop claims that Kerry is the most liberal Senator in the US (false); we get lurid photos of Abu Ghraib prisoners, but no discussion on whether or not we are willing to accept tortue in extraordinary circustances; hell, CNN spent time talking about changes to the stage at the DNC before Kerry's speech.

One of the excellent political blogs that I've come across is Electablog, written by Dave Pell. His site puts my little exercise in navel-gazing to shame. He's smart, funny, well-written, and actually sensible. And now I find out he's cute, too! Check him out on CNN. Cute and, unfortunately, married. Oh well, at least the good guys have another one on our side.

Update: Followup post here after I noticed the link

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