Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Cashew, Brazil, Keyes

Alan Keyes is a certifiable nut job. Seriously.

If you're in Illinois (and since it's mostly my friends that read this blog, you are), you probably are already aware the Alan Keyes is carpetbagging to run against Barack Obama for the Senate. What you may not know is that he's a complete freak. ArchPundit links to this Keyes interview by a FOX News anchor. It's an 11 MB download, but worth it. In it, Keyes:

  • accuses Democrats and Obama of "corruption" eight times
  • accuses Democrats and the interviewer of "lies" and "distortions" ten times
  • questions whether the interviewer is working for the Democratic party four times

All that is in a clip only seven minutes long! I also love how he monopolizes the interview and tries to prevent the host from asking questions by constantly repeating himself and his points, and not letting the host get a word in edgewise.

How anyone can consider him a serious candidate is beyond me. Maybe the GOP should have considered running a white guy, rather than scouring the country for a Republican that just happens to be the same race as Obama.

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Vogue said...

I was just reading through some of your stuff and wow, you're really into the news and such. Anyway, it's nice to know you're still alive. If you want to help paint walls this weekend you're more than welcome to stop by. :) That's what we'll be doing. :)