Sunday, August 01, 2004

For crying out loud

I think there's a weirdo convention in town. Poor David was cornered by a guy in the chatroom last night that just would not take, "No I don't want to date you after chatting for five minutes" for an answer. That and the masseur/escort/hustler that's been making the rounds lately. So, of course, Needy Guy messages me too this morning and is pressing me for a date before I'm done with my coffee. Thankfully David had told me about him, so I was wise for imminent weirdness.

Then, some guy messages me, and his first words to me are -- swear to God -- "So it's 8 inches. That's nice." [*] Surprised, I looked around to see if I had misplaced a cucumber somewhere. After that intro, he seemed friendly enough, if needy, pushy, and dumb as a hammer. His last words to me were, "Take care, Steve."

This is why I gave up on dating.

[*] OK, those weren't his exact first words to me. I compensated for the complete lack of spelling and punctuation.

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